The Top 3 Social Media Marketing Apps

The Top 3 Social Media Marketing Apps

Marketing with social media has many benefits, even for small companies. The best part of using social media for advertising is how quickly it helps build brand recognition. Something interesting about social media marketing is that it has become the modern equivalent of “word of mouth” advertising. A good advertisement will get viewers to like and share it; once that process starts, it keeps going and growing. Businesses can also create multiple accounts, for example, sales, customer service, and promotions.

Here are the top three utilized social media marketing apps:

1. Facebook

With over two billion members, Facebook is the world’s largest advertising medium. Plus, it has cross-platform capabilities, which means any business can reach viewers on computers, phones, and tablets. Anyone can learn to advertise on FB by following their step by step instructions for creating ads, placing ads, audience choice, branding, and more. With the advertising campaign manager, you can track results that enable you to focus your advertising on the viewers that your services appeal to the most. 

2. Instagram

The first thing you must know about using Instagram is to have a free business account you must have a FB account first. Having accounts on different media platforms is how the cross-media platform helps businesses reach billions of viewers every day. An advantage of this platform is that most members tend to shop with the small businesses they see advertising. With the many tools provided, any company can focus individual ads by targeting locations, demographics, and interests. The ability to customize an ad by people’s activities on a multi-platform level helps expand branding and awareness very fast. Any business Marketing with Social Media has the added advantage of multi-platform capabilities. Instead of spending an entire year’s advertising budget on one 30 second commercial, you spend a small portion on one ad, and it travels across different media platforms to mobile phones, tablets, televisions, and even gaming consoles.

3. Tiktok

Advertising based on photos and videos has proven to be very useful in the past. Now that same idea has grown into an upcoming trend, it has become an even better marketing medium. Using TikTok for social media marketing allows a business to choose the goal or objective, set a budget, focus targeting, demographics, narrow or broaden locations, ages, etc., and watch the results through live monitoring tools. 

With live streaming abilities, entrepreneurs can personally connect with viewers and improve branding by creating relationships, and there are tools to help improve video and sound. With today’s skepticism of advertising and marketing, the ability to reach out with unedited or live videos is becoming more popular. Viewers are more open-minded to trying new things and experimenting with new products.

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