Clinical And Home Remedies For Treating Sensitive Teeth

Clinical And Home Remedies For Treating Sensitive Teeth

Taking care of your teeth should be your number one priority when it comes to maintaining your overall health. Here are a few home and clinical remedies that you can benefit from in the long run.

Oil pulling
A simple treatment for sensitive teeth which involves the use of coconut oil for cleaning your molars. Gargling with extra virgin coconut oil, before brushing your teeth will take care of the sensitivity and will also reduce plaque buildup by rinsing thoroughly. Coconut oil is rich in antibacterial properties to help clean up effectively.

Salt water rinse
The pH levels in your mouth need to be balanced, which is why a salt water rinse will be an effective treatment for sensitive teeth. Bacteria cannot survive in an alkaline environment, which is why a salt water rinse is recommended before you brush.

Cloves are rich in anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and anesthetic properties that will help reduce tooth pain due to sensitivity and fight against some oral infections. Cloves are also rich in analgesic properties, which help effective tackling of toothaches, making it one of the popular options for treatment for sensitive teeth.

Raw onion
At first, raw onion might sound like a very bad idea since onion has inherent properties that lead to bad breath or what is commonly known as onion breath. However, this vegetable is rich in anti-inflammatory properties that help relieve problems caused due to high teeth sensitivity. Pieces of raw onion should cut to fit comfortably in your mouth, pressed against the affected tooth, and rinsed after a couple of minutes.

Garlic is also a natural antibacterial agent and anesthetic that contains high amounts of allicin, making it an excellent option when it comes to the treatment of sensitive teeth. Garlic paste is also very effective in clearing up abscess infection, oral infections, and fights against the formation of cavities.

Clinical treatments for teeth sensitivity
There are two procedures that can be carried out for treatment for sensitive teeth.

In-office treatments

  • To strengthen the enamel, a fluoride varnish can be applied to the external layer of your molars. This treatment is not at all painful and only needs external application. The exposed areas are cleansed with the varnish that also helps strengthen the dentin surface.
  • Fluoride foam or gel is an alternative to fluoride varnish. The procedure is simple and involves the use of foam or gel in a mouth bath. It is placed in your mouth to soak the affected area and provide relief from any discomforts caused due to teeth sensitivity. This procedure will just take a couple of minutes and is inexpensive when compared.
  • Bonding agents can also be used to strengthen and seal the dentin surface. This provides a protective barrier that blocks the sensitive areas of your molar.

In-house treatment

Apart from home remedies, using a soft-bristled toothbrush and teeth-sensitive toothpaste on a regular basis will help deal with teeth sensitivity.

Over-brushing is not a good idea since the chemical in any toothpaste will tends to erode enamel gradually. Dentist recommends brushing for not more than two minutes; this does not include your mouthwash or any other rinse.

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