5 natural treatments for erectile dysfunction

5 natural treatments for erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a condition that results in the inability of a man to sustain or get an erection. There are several causes of the condition, and it can affect men of all ages. It can also lead to other health complications if not checked in time. While there are medications to treat ED to some extent, one can make simple lifestyle changes and explore natural treatments for erectile dysfunction.

1. Exercise
There has been extensive research done in this field to conclude that exercise can help overcome the issues faced on account of ED. According to a study conducted by Harvard, walking for thirty minutes every day reduces the chances of developing the condition by 41%. Moderate exercise is also a treatment for erectile dysfunction to restore one’s vigor and improve performance in middle-aged men who are also suffering from obesity.

2. Proper diet
One can incorporate more fruits, vegetables, fish, and whole grains in their daily diet to supplement proper nutrition. Also, reducing the consumption of red and processed meat and refined grains reduces the likelihood of suffering from the condition over a period.

3. Sleep and rest
It may come as a surprise for many, but poor sleeping habits and patterns can increase the risk of suffering from ED. Medical professionals have observed an increase in the levels of testosterone with improved sleeping habits. The body’s internal clock cycle determines hormone secretion, and it is related to proper sleeping cycles.

4. Avoid smoking
Smoking is bad for one’s health in general as it results in the narrowing and blockage of vital arteries that supply blood throughout the body. Smoking also increases the risk of vascular diseases that restrict blood supply to the male organ, resulting in ED. The simplest natural treatment for erectile dysfunction would be to take the first steps to quit smoking on a daily basis. One must develop a sense of self-control to overcome the need for a smoke.

5. Reduce alcohol consumption
A glass of whiskey or scotch may be harmless when one drinks moderately, but heavy alcohol consumption can cause long-term health issues like ED. One of the natural treatments for erectile dysfunction is to manage or stop the consumption of alcohol as it has been known to affect the central nervous system and suppresses the production of nitric oxide, an essential chemical for producing and maintaining an erection.

It is also common to take medications to manage one’s blood pressure and cholesterol among many other health conditions, but prolonged ingestion of certain medications can involuntarily result in ED. One must consult a medical professional for alternatives to reduce the chances of the condition significantly.

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