Best New Cars for 2019

Best New Cars for 2019

Even though small to full sized trucks and crossover SUVs seem to be getting a lot of attention of late, sedans are still a hot car on the roads these days. So we thought we’d impress you with a list of fantastic sedans on lots in 2019. These cars have something for everyone, offering a wide range of power, top of the line features, interior luxury, and affordability to turn you on driving a modern sedan. 

Feast your eyes on the new cars standing out from the crowd in 2019:

1. Jaguar I-Pace

Revving up it’s engines at the head of our picks for luxury compacts is the Jaguar 1-Pace with it’s sexy exterior body and sleek elegant cabin. And it’s electric with a drivetrain range of 240-miles boasting 394 horsepower and 512-pounds per foot of torque to get you off the starting mark first…every time. Enjoy quiet, superior handling in a sexy electric car. And it’s far more affordable than the competing Tesla Model X at $69,500 USD.

2. Toyota Avalon Touring

If you’re seeking out a comfortable, luxurious ride, the Avalon Touring offers a large car with plenty of leg-stretching space. While often thought of as a vehicle for senior drivers, the 2019 Avalon is hoping to attract younger buyers thanks to a significant makeover featuring leading edge technology (Apple CarPlay with Alexa voice control, Toyota Remote Connect, and an Entune 3.0 infotainment system with Wi-Fi connectivity and smartphone and smartwatch capabilities). Plus with impressive styling and super safe and accurate steering, Toyota is hoping to appeal to cool dads vs. senior citizens. 

3. Hyundai Genesis G70

When it comes to luxury in a midsize sport sedan, Hyundai gives the top German contenders (I’m looking at you Audi and BMW) a run for their money with the Genesis G70. This sporty car packs a lot into a sleek package—including a brisk turbocharged V6 4-cylinder engine, sporty handling, impressive driving dynamics, four-door body, and plush well-appointed interior make this car super fun to drive, but also virtually soundless and comfy. All of this at an impressive price of $35,000 USD.

4. Nissan Altima

You might have to take a second look at the 2019 Nissan Altima to be really impressed. Yet this fully redesigned automobile does deserve a second look, both inside and out. It makes an impression with improved, leading edge features, like VC-turbo variable compression engine, high tech turbo engine, driver assist, and all-wheel drive. While maintaining the body design of the Altima that makes it feel much more expensive than it actually is at $24,000 USD.

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