Top Pet-Friendly Hotels in the U.S.

Top Pet-Friendly Hotels in the U.S.

It’s hard to be a pet mom or dad while traveling. In the rare case that a pet mom or dad does find a pet-friendly hotel for their fury child, they have to settle for low quality rooms that don’t get the cleaning care that the other guests are entitled to. Maybe it’s time to find a hotel that will cater to your pets needs also and make sure to welcome them with open paws! 

1. Kimpton Hotel, four paw style 

Kimpton Hotels are happy to accept your furry family members as the humans you see them, making them one of the most pet-friendly hotels in the country. Kimptons are situated throughout some of the most popular vacation spots around the U.S.A., making it possible to never leave your baby at home again. The Kimpton even offers pet care as an option for their guests so that your special pet can have a vacation right along with the rest of the family and you can go visit some places that aren’t quite as understanding of your family’s size and number of legs. Just be sure that you mention your furry family when you make your reservation so that the employees can make plans to give your pet an amazing vacation. 

2. Loews Hotels, dogs are rocking the house

Although they are not quite as accommodating as Kimpton, pets haven’t taken over the hotel yet, Loews is still happy to offer a room for your pets. Loews will happily give you suggestions on good pet daycare centers along with a map of the best places to walk your dogs, making pet-friendly travel easier for everyone. They also suggest local restaurants and cafes that will welcome your pets, so that you will have a chance to talk to other pet crazy people. Among their treasure of pet friendly features is the complementary gifts they offer to your pet to make sure they have a wonderful experience and feel cared about. Loews doesn’t just cater to your dogs, though; they are also happy to offer your cats a wonderful litter box and scratching post because, after all, a cat must take care of their needs also. Despite the love and attention Loews offers pets, there is a limit of two pets per room so you might have to leave one or two of you fur babies at home. 

3. The Hilton keeps the doggie door open!

That’s right, your dog deserves one of the plushest hotel experiences while on vacation, so some Hiltons have started offering pet friendly accommodations. By offering a bag filled with healthy snacks and biodegradable products, the Hilton is happy to tell the furry family that they matter also. You might want to call ahead before you start your trip though, because only some Hiltons are able to accommodate your fur babies. 

4. Extended Stay America for furry friends

Extended Stay America, like most pet friendly hotels, does have to charge an extra fee for your pet to make sure that the house keeping can clean up everything for the next furry friend. But, just like the other listed hotels, Extended Stay America goes above and beyond to make sure your whole family has a great time. Extended Stay America doesn’t offer the high-priced commodities that some higher priced hotels do, but they are happy to let you keep your family together and cater towards people and pets who are traveling for less than leisure purposes.

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