The Most Pet-Friendly Hotels in America

The Most Pet-Friendly Hotels in America

Let’s face it. For many families, their dog is as much a part of the family as their kids. Therefore, they wouldn’t dream of going on vacation without their dog, so a pet-friendly hotel is a must. A remarkable fact about pet-friendly travel is that dogs break the isolation barrier between fellow travelers. If another vacationers staying at the same hotel has a friendly dog, pretty soon yours will be playing with theirs, particularly if your hotel has a mini dog park. 

Dogs are also a natural catalyst to meet new people, who often become life-long friends, especially for solo travellers. Believe it or not, some hotels pride themselves on having pet-friendly facilities. Just remember, the number one rule is call ahead to clarify it is a pet-friendly motel. Here are just a few of the very best pet-friendly hotel chains in the U.S.:

1. Best Western 

Although the most hotel’s under a brand name are independently owned, so you always want to make sure before you reserve, Best Western is possibly the largest group of hotels in the U.S and Canada, that are mostly pet-friendly. And the great news is that not only are Days Inns hotels reasonably priced, but there are nearly 1600 of them, making it your first resource for a family hotel. And Best Western isn’t just jumping on the pet bandwagon. They’ve had a reputation of being pet-friendly for many years. Usually, a small deposit is required, and you pay

approximately $20 per dog, with a two-dog and 80 pounds per dog limit. 

2. The Four Seasons 

If you want to go up-scale, the Four Seasons will generally not only allow your dog, but pamper him or her with dog treats, and they even will walk your dog for you if you

are going to be an excursion for the day. 

3. The Westin Resorts 

Another up-scale chain of hotels, most Westin’s not only will accommodate a dog, but they will welcome it with his own dog bed, dog bowls, and custom treats. Generally, Westin Limits dogs to 40 pounds, so be sure and call to clarify whether your dog is welcome. And the pet fee will vary by location. 

4. Motel 6 

Can’t find a motel in the city you are traveling to that welcomes pets. See if they

have a Motel 6. There are literally 1600 of them, and the vast majority are pet-friendly. Motel 6 has a limit of two dogs per room, but there is never an extra fee to bring

Spike or Mitzi, and even if you have a Great Dane, there is no weight limit.

5. Red Roof Inns 

Red Roof Inns have nearly 500 hotels, and not only is your dog welcome at most but in many, you get a 10 percent discount on your bill! Generally, you can only have one dog, but there is no pet fee.

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