6 Safe Human Food for Dogs to Enjoy

6 Safe Human Food for Dogs to Enjoy

It can be difficult to deny your pup a bite of the foods you’re eating, but pet toxicity, obesity, and allergies are important to think about. This doesn’t mean that all human foods are dangerous for dogs. Here are the safest human foods for dogs:

1. Carrots
Carrots are safe for your pup because they are natural and have no harmful chemicals or added flavoring. These are just natural vegetables that contain a lot of vitamins and nutrients for your dog. Carrots are often an ingredient in dog food because of how many vitamins your dog is going to get out of them. Plus, eating crunchy foods like carrots helps to keep dog teeth clean and healthy. 

2. Eggs
Eggs are good for your dog because they help with digestive issues. This doesn’t mean that you can’t give your dog some eggs if he or she isn’t having digestive issues, but the eggs will help if that is a problem. Eggs are an excellent source of digestible protein, riboflavin, and selenium. Just be sure the eggs are cooked and you give your dog the entire egg (not just the egg white) as this can cause biotin deficiency in canines.

3. Salmon
This fatty fish is a great source of omega-3 fatty acids for pets because it works as a natural anti-inflammatory that also boosts the support of the immune system while keeping dog coats shiny and healthy. Just be sure that the fish is not covered in spices, particularly garlic or onion which is toxic for dogs. 

4. Blueberries 
Blueberries might not offer a lot of benefits for your pup, they are safe to eat. It can be extremely dangerous to give your dog a raisin or grapes, but fresh blueberries will have no harmful effect on your furry friend.

5. Popcorn 
While popcorn is safe for your dog to eat, you should never give them buttered or salted popcorn. The freshly popped popcorn has to be plain or they can’t have any of it. The salt and the butter are harmful to your pooch, but plain air popped corn is fine.

6. Pineapple
Your pups can chow down on a few slices of freshly cut pineapple if you have it around, but they should only be given small amounts. You should never feed your dog canned pineapple (which contains added sugar) or too much fresh pineapple because the acid in the juice can upset their tummies, just like us, but small amounts are completely fine. Also, frozen pineapple (as long as it doesn’t contain sugar) is a good, cooling summer snack for pups. 

The above mentioned foods are the safest human foods for your pup. Make sure to be responsible and careful when feeding your dogs human food, do your research and make sure to start small and watch for allergic reactions in your dog before feeding them more.

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