Warning Signs of Multiple Sclerosis

Warning Signs of Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a disease that affects the central nervous system. Over 200,000 people are diagnosed with the disease every year in the United States. The disease can lead to a person becoming disabled. Multiple sclerosis attacks a person’s immune system and can damage nerves. The disease starts to affect people between the ages of 18 and 55. 

Many women are affected by the disease. Read on for some early indicators of MS:

1. Vision problems

Vision problems are one of the multiple sclerosis warning signs. The condition is called optic neuritis. The optic nerve becomes inflamed and causes blurred vision. It may also cause double vision or complete loss of sight. The vision is frequently affected by multiple sclerosis.

2. Tingling and numbness

Tingling and numbness are often caused by MS. This can affect any part of the body. Sometimes the part of your body that is being affected by the numbness may cause other problems. For instance, it may be challenging to do things with your hands if you are experiencing numbness.

3. Pains and spasms

Pains and spasms may be an early sign of multiple sclerosis. The pains can affect a person anywhere on their body. The spasms may feel like a tightness on the body part that is affected. It may be difficult to walk or perform daily activities. Spams also may impact sleep and often occur at night. 

4. Weakness or fatigue

Weakness or fatigue may also be early signs of multiple sclerosis. They may cause difficulty in doing regular activities. The weakness can also cause an imbalance. People experiencing weakness can easily fall performing a simple activity. Balance problems or dizziness is often an early sign of multiple sclerosis.

5. Bladder issues

Unfortunately, bladder issues can be a sign of MS. Patients may experience recurrent urinary tract infections (or UTIs), which can be painful. The patient may also urinate too frequently. This may also affect their daily activities and impact sleep. MS can eventually cause a patient to become incontinent.

6. Cognitive problems

Multiple sclerosis affects the brain and nervous system. Cognitive problems are one of the early signs of MS, and appear in various ways. For instance, patients may be difficult focusing on a topic or it may take a long time for them to answer a simple question the way that they normally would. They may also have problems remembering where they put personal items.

Knowing the early warning signs of MS can lead to early treatment of the disease and make symptoms more manageable. Any problems with vision, bladder, nerve problems, or memory should be shared with a health care provider for the best treatment.

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