The Best 5 Medicare Plans for Families

The Best 5 Medicare Plans for Families

Medicare Advantage plans are a good alternative to the original Medicare plans. These plans offer the same benefits, as well as some extra coverage. A lot of these plans will include dental, vision, and prescription coverage to go along with their health coverage. We all know that health insurance isn’t the cheapest thing, so it’s essential to find a plan that works best for all of your family needs. Here are the top five Medicare plans that you should consider for your family:

1. Highmark

When it comes to insurance plans, there is no denying that it can be difficult to find a plan that accepts your doctor or specialist. Highmark is a great provider that many doctors and specialists accept. It is accepted in most states and even on Native American reservations. They also offer a lot of incentives that promote healthier living. One of the most unique ones would be the “Passport Rewards” program that will give you financial incentives to stay up to date with your preventive care services and treatments.

2. Kaiser Foundation Health Plan

Kaiser is ranked as one of the best overall health plans that is available for families. It offers two levels of plans that you can choose from. The thing that makes this plan so great would be the fact that it is super customizable and they offer outstanding customer service. It has been ranked the overall best plan for five consecutive years.

3. Humana

This is one of the best plans that you can get if you are living on a limited income. They offer a variety of different plans and some of them have monthly premiums that are as little as zero dollars. Many of these plans include dental, prescription drug, and vision coverage. The out-of-pocket cost can be as little as 2,200 dollars per year. They even offer special prescription delivery services and SilverSneakers memberships.

4. Aetna Medicare Advantage

If you are looking for a plan that offers a wide range of coverage options, then Aetna would be the one for you. It offers special PPO and HMO plans, as well as a limited selection of special needs plans that are available in 12 states. Something else that is great about this plan would be the fact that if you have a doctor that you like before switching to this plan, you will actually be able to stay with them by choosing a flexible plan.

5. Cigna

When it comes to special needs or conditions, good health care plans can be hard to find. Cigna is a great option for people who need personalized care. They have plans that have been designed to include a wider range of specialists and assessments. These plans also include care transition assistance that a lot of other plans don’t provide.

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