Healthy Snacks to Prevent Cancer

Healthy Snacks to Prevent Cancer

Cancer, unfortunately, has become prevalent in our modern-day society. There are so many different kinds of cancer and where it can reside in the body. Some common types of cancer that continue to persist frequently in the western world are skin cancer, thyroid, lymphoma, prostate, bladder, and breast cancer. Most of these cancers are treated with chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery. These treatments not only help to kill off the cancer cells they also kill off healthy cells that help with healing. 

Food and nutrition can help bolster health and immunity when dealing with chemotherapy and radiation. Here are a few healthy snacks to incorporate to negate the symptoms of these treatments:

1. Nourishing avocado

Avocado has so many healing benefits for the healthiest of bodies, but can be very important in helping heal and repair. Avocado is full of phytochemicals and healthy fats. These phytochemicals help in cells communication and tell sick cells not to duplicate as well as eliminating dead cells from the body structure. The fat in the flesh of the avocado helps with cell reproduction in skin hair and nails. These areas are often ravaged by chemo or radiation and need the extra nourishment when it’s time to repair and revive. Looking into cold-pressed avocado seed oil can be beneficial in reducing the growth of certain cancers. It is easy to incorporate into any diet as you can use it in dressings, smoothies, cooking oil, or just taking supplementally. Avocados are a great snack anywhere you go throughout the day since they travel well and provide their own dish. They are most easily eaten right out of their skin. 

2. Mashed potatoes for comfort

Sometimes the most therapeutic foods are consumed because of the comfort they provide. Although potatoes have many important nutrients such as potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, and vitamin B, they have a way of comforting and bringing a sense of ease to a person. We all grew up on mashed potatoes and finding comfort can be extremely impactful when trying to avoid stress. They are also more welcoming food when in the midst of chemo or radiation as the mouth might be tender or sore. Nausea is often a side effect from these cancer treatments and more bland food is easier to take down. Mashed potatoes are common in cancer diets as they are easy on the queasy stomach. 

3. Apricot seeds 

Apricot seeds have been used in other cultures to prevent and help fight cancer. They have high quantities of vitamin B17, a phytonutrient that is often deficient in the average American diet. In particular, scientists pinpoint a specific compound, known as amygdalin, within apricot kernels, which is thought to kill cancerous tumors and even prevent cancer cells from growing. Amygdalin is also found in the seeds of apples, bitter almonds, and other stone fruit. When you are undergoing chemo or radiation this plant compound helps support the growth of healthy cell structure and repair.

4. Brazil nuts

Brazil nuts are a reputed anti-cancer superfood, which contains selenium, a powerful antioxidant linked to strengthening the immune system against bacterial and viral infections, that may lead to cancer. Selenium is most associated with protecting female patients against breast cancer. During breast cancer patients, many health experts believe that low rates of selenium may contribute to cancer development. 

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