5 Diet And Lifestyle Tips For Psoriasis

5 Diet And Lifestyle Tips For Psoriasis

Psoriasis, like every other condition, needs medication to be cured; but there are some psoriasis diet and lifestyle tips that can help better the condition. Most doctors are not sure if a change in the diet and lifestyle has a positive impact on the health of a psoriasis patient. Although some believe that nutrition most likely has a positive role to play in betterment during any medical condition. The key is that even if these tips help in improving the condition, the doctors are uncertain about the extent of its help. Read along for some psoriasis diet and lifestyle tips:

  • Adopt a Mediterranean diet: Comorbidities, a condition that includes coronary heart diseases, type 2 diabetes and stroke is quite common condition among people suffering from psoriasis. A Mediterranean diet is based on the traditional dietary patterns from Greece, Spain and Southern Italy. Even if there is no scientific evidence to back this, adopting a Mediterranean is generally considered to be good for the heart, Alzheimer’s, osteoporosis and stroke, diabetes, certain cancers and low blood pressure issues. In some cases, if you are unable to adopt a Mediterranean diet you must at least add fish to your diet.
  • Take probiotics: Adding probiotics to your diet is one of the most common psoriasis diet and lifestyle tips, probiotics are known to have succeeded in tempering psoriasis to a large extent. Probiotics, essentially is bacteria that are found in the intestines as well as in foods like yogurt and supplements. Most doctors believe that inflammatory skin conditions have their roots to the intestines, which is why probiotics can help the cause of someone suffering from psoriasis.
  • Petroleum Jelly: Use of petroleum jelly might work for some as a part of the psoriasis diet and lifestyle tips and might not work for some. Most medical centers claim that moisturizing the psoriasis patch topically with petroleum helps in lessening the itching and the dry discomfort. You must make sure that you are applying pure petroleum jelly, it shouldn’t be adulterated with harsh chemicals, perfumes, or parabens. The ideal time to apply it is after a short warm bath or shower, so that you can main the moisture in the skin.
  • Dry skin treatments: Psoriasis patients aren’t advised to take long, hot baths but short and warm oatmeal soaks are a successful psoriasis diet and lifestyle tip. They help in easing the itching and slough of scaly, flakey skin. You can also try soaking in a warm water with fragrance free oils, Epsom salts (dead sea salts) to ease the dryness, itching and scales. Along with this, you must avoid scratching the psoriasis patch, it will only worsen your situation.
  • Pay close attention to trigger: Psoriasis has many different triggers that can worsen your condition or make you want to itch the psoriasis patch. If you are seeing a doctor, they might ask you to keep a track of your flare-ups and triggers, this helps the doctors in keeping track of your behavioral pattern. For example, there are certain weather changes, food items, stress and medications that can cause psoriasis.

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