The Top SUV Crossovers on the Market

The Top SUV Crossovers on the Market

An SUV crossover is essentially the best of both worlds when you are looking at utility automobiles like SUVs and family-friendly ones like Sedans and Minivans. They combine utility and functionality with comfort and elegance, creating a very versatile vehicle to own. You can just as easily drop your kids off at school as you could go on a camping trip or perform a big move. 

SUV crossovers are the perfect “jack of all trades” automobile, while still being masters of comfort and elegance. Were going to take a look at some of the top options on the market below:

1. Nissan Rogue

This Nissan has Safety Shield 360 technology which is a suite of protection features for the safest automobile possible. It includes driver assistance, automatic braking, blind spot warning, drift and lane departure alerts, and much more. A stylish leather interior and slick body make for a very attractive SUV crossover perfect for small, adventurous families.

  • Starting price: $25,200 USD
  • MGP (City/HW): 26 / 33
  • Horsepower: 170
  • Seats: 5

2. Volkswagen Tiguan

The Tiguan was built with comfort and ergonomics in mind. It features a versatile third seating row for extra passengers or extra cargo. It has quality of life features like a foot-activated liftgate and the Volkswagen Digital Cockpit. The Digital cockpit is a customizable virtual dashboard with versatile functionality, it can store up to four driver profiles so everyone has their perfect cockpit. The Volkswagen Tiguan is a great choice the city-goer or the outdoorsmen.

  • Starting price: $24,945
  • MGP (City/HW): 22 / 29
  • Horsepower: 184
  • Seats: 5-7

3. Volvo XC40

This Sweedish built crossover offers luxury at an affordable price tag. It has all the features you would expect from a luxury sedan, but with the utility of an SUV. With bold body lines, a luxury leather interior, the latest tech, and a powerful engine, the Volvo XC40 is a perfect option for someone who wants to feel like an executive without breaking the bank.

  • Starting price: $33,700
  • MGP (City/HW): 23 / 33
  • Horsepower: 187
  • Seats: 5-7

4. Audi Q8

No expense is spared in the Audi Q8, it has everything you would expect from a luxury crossover and more. Its powerful engine will make you come to life as it throws you back into its handcrafted leather seats. It has an intelligent AI system that gets to know the driver, their preferences, how they drive, and even greets you when you step in. The Q8 is truly a luxury crossover that you can still experience adventure with.

  • Starting price: $68,200
  • MGP (City/HW): 17 / 21
  • Horsepower: 335
  • Seats: 5

5. Honda CR-V

This crossover host a suite of comfort and utility features. It includes onboard safety systems, comfort optimization, and utility functionality. Its real time all wheel drive AI makes sure that each tire has the perfect amount of power and torque at all times. The Honda CR-V is a perfect fit for explorers who aren’t willing to sacrifice comfort.

  • Starting price: $25,025
  • MGP (City/HW): 28 / 34
  • Horsepower: 190
  • Seats: 5

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